Thank you

To those who scan their collections. Artwork like this would not be possible. Playing games on an emulator is one thing. To have a good box and logo to remind you of those games better puts the gaming experience of this fine 8bit machine in perspective.

Thank you to these sites

The Personal Computer Museum

Heidi stopXwhispering Commodoe 64 Collection

DLH’s Commodore Archive

Andy Decarli’s Commmore 64 Collection

Commodore 64 Boxed Sets

Eli’s Software Encyclopedia


Moby Games


Peepo – Video Game Scanning Collective

The Ultimate Tape Archive (C64)


Sixty Four Originals Database — Down

Thank you to everyone who puts up with my c64 posts on discord, agent47, diskmach, and others…

Thank you diskmach for always helping me learn new things to use in photoshop.

Thank you to all fans of 8bit computers out there and anyone I missed. There is nothing quite like 8bit.

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