3700+ Logos and counting…..


3,300+ boxes and counting…



See the updated art in action!


This project started originally in 2014 when I wanted to have more games listed on my Hyperspin setup. The initial Hyperspin logo set had a nice selection of around 565 games. Many of games I wanted to play or had played in the past did not have artwork for use with my Hyperspin setup. That is when I started a thread on that forum to to share the logos I had created to be added to the set. Initially it was about adding as many games and games that I wanted to have on my setup, with out regard of quality. Through 2014 – 2017 games were added on and off.

In 2018, I decided that the quality of the set was lacking. Many games were added over time with logos that didn’t match boxes. Boxes and logos were not matching regions for a game as defined in the Commodore 64 XML database from hyperlist. My other problem was in order to rectify the situation none of the previous work that had been done with photoshop had been saved. Everything that was created was created one time and then moved on so anything new would need to be recreated.

Over the course of 2018, logos were reviewed and matched to games and boxes in the database to provide a newer more accurate set of logos for people to use with their frontend of choice.

Over the course of 2019, boxes were reviewed and matched to the database. Some boxes like the AD&D ones were recreated from high resolution scans. Rather than discarding and keeping boxes that were setup for 400px wide by whatever high(good for use for a frontend), I kept all the larger cleaned up versions as well to share.

The future, I found a few more things not 100% correct, a game here or there that was only released in a compilation that may be using a later release box instead. So there will be additional updates in the future.