Name Image
$100,000 Pyramid, The (USA)
1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs! (Europe) (Unl)
1000 Miglia Volume I - 1927-1933 (Italy)
10th Frame (USA)
180 (Europe)
1942 (Europe)
1943 - The Battle of Midway (USA)
1985 - The Day After (Europe)
1994 - Ten Years After (Europe)
221B Baker Street (USA) (Disk 1)
3D Construction Kit (Europe)
3-D Glooper (Europe)
3-D Pinball - Pinball Power (Europe)
3D Pool (Europe)
3-D Skramble (Europe)
3D Speed Duel (Europe)
3D Tanx (Europe)
3D Time Trek (Europe)
3D Tunnel (Europe)
3D-Beee (Europe)
4 Soccer Simulators (Europe)
4th & Inches (USA)
4x4 Off-Road Racing (USA) (Disk 1)
500cc Grand Prix (France)
5th Gear (Europe)
720 (USA)
911 Tiger Shark (Europe)
Aaargh! (Europe)
Aardvark (Europe)
Abyss (Europe)
Accolade Comics - Steve Keene, Private Spy (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
ACE - Air Combat Emulator (Europe)
Ace 2088 (Europe)
Ace II (Europe)
Ace of Aces (Europe)
Acid Runner (Poland) (Unl)
Acquire (USA)
AcroJet (USA)
Action Biker (Europe)
Action Fighter (Europe)
Action Force (Europe)
Ad Infinitum (Europe)
Addams Family, The (Europe)
Addicta Ball (Europe)
Adidas Championship Football (Europe)
Adidas Championship Tie Break (Europe)
Admiral Graf Spee (USA)
Adult Poker (USA)
Advance to Boardwalk (USA)
Advanced Pinball Simulator (Europe)
Adventure Construction Set (USA) (Disk 1)
Adventure Creator (USA)
Adventureland (Graphic Version) (USA)
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The (Europe)
Adventures of Bond... Basildon Bond, The (Europe)
Aegean Voyage (USA)
Affaire Vera Cruz, L' (France)
Africa Gardens (Europe)
After the War (Spain)
Afterburner (USA)
Aftermath (Alternative Software) (Europe)
Age of Adventure - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (USA)
Age of Adventure - The Return of Heracles (USA)
Age of Heroes, The (Unl)
Agent Orange (Europe)
Agent USA (USA)
Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back (Europe)
Aghamix (France)
Ah Diddums (Europe)
Aigina's Prophecy (Japan)
Airborne Ranger (USA)
Airline (USA)
Airliner (Europe)
Airwolf (Europe)
Airwolf II (Europe)
Alcatraz (Europe)
Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (USA)
Alf - The First Adventure (USA)
Alf in the Color Caves (USA)
Aliants - The Desperate Battle for Earth (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Aliard's Tome (Europe)
Alice in Videoland (Europe) (Side A)
Alice in Wonderland (USA) (Side A)
Alien (Argus Press Software + Mind Games) (Europe)
Alien 3 (Europe)
Alien Attack (NET Software Ltd.) (USA)
Alien Rescue (Europe)
Alien Storm (Europe)
Alien Syndrome (USA) (Side A)
Aliens - The Computer Game (USA)
Alienworld (Europe)
All Risks (Netherlands)
All-American Basketball (Europe)
Allan Border's Cricket (Europe)
Alley Cat (Europe)
Alleykat (Europe)
Alphabet Zoo (USA)
Alpine Encounter, The (Europe) (Side A)
Alter Ego - Female Version (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Alter Ego - Male Version (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Altered Beast (USA)
Alternate Reality - The City (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Alternate Reality - The Dungeon (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Amaurote (Europe)
Amazing Spider-Man, The (USA)
Amazon (Trillium Corp.) (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
AMC - Astro Marine Corps (Spain)
AMC - Attack of the Mutant Camels (HesWare) (USA)
AMC - Attack of the Mutant Camels (Llamasoft) (Europe)
American 3D Pool (Europe)
American Challenge, The - A Sailing Simulation (USA)
American Football (Europe)
American Tag-Team Wrestling (Europe)
Amnesia (Electronic Arts) (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Anarchy (Europe)
Ancipital (Europe)
Android II (Europe)
Andy Capp - The Game (Europe)
Angle Ball (Europe)
Ankh (USA)
Annals of Rome (Europe)
Annihilator (USA)
Annihilator II (Europe)
Ant Attack (Europe)
Anter Planter (Europe)
Antics (Bug-Byte) (Europe)
Apache Raid (Europe)
Apache Strike (USA)
APB - All Points Bulletin (Europe)
Ape Craze (USA)
Apollo 18 - Mission to the Moon (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Aqua Racer (Europe)
Aquaplane (Europe)
Arachnophobia (USA)
Arc of Yesod, The (Europe)
Arcade Flight Simulator (Europe)
Arcade Fruit Machine - Cash and Grab (Europe)
Arcade Trivia Quiz (Europe)
Arcadia 64 (Europe)
Arcana (Europe)
Archetype (Europe) (Unl)
Archon (USA)
Archon II - Adept (USA)
Arcticfox (USA)
Ardok the Barbarian (USA)
Arena 3000 (Europe)
Argos Expedition, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Argus (Europe)
Ark Pandora (Europe)
Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (Europe)
Arkanoid (Europe)
Arktyczne Polowanie (Poland) (Unl)
Armageddon (Ocean) (Europe)
Armageddon (Visions Software Factory) (Europe)
Armalyte (Europe)
Armourdillo (Europe)
Army Days (Europe)
Army Moves (Europe)
Arnie (Europe)
Arnie II (Europe)
Artillery Duel (USA)
Artura (Europe)
Assault Course (Europe)
Assault Machine (Europe)
Assembly Line (USA)
Astatin (Germany)
Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires, The (Europe)
Astral Zone (Europe)
Astro Chase (USA)
Astroblitz (USA)
Astro-Grover (USA)
Asylum (USA)
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (Europe)
Athena (Europe)
Atom Ant - Up and Atom (Europe)
Atomic Robo-Kid (USA)
Atomino (Europe) (Unl)
Atomix (Germany)
ATV - All Terrain Vehicle Simulator (Europe)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Europe)
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy (Europe)
Aussie Games (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Australian Rules Football (Europe)
Auto Mania - Manic Mechanic (Europe)
Autoduel (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Autotest (Europe)
Avenger (Commodore) (USA)
Avenger (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Avoid the Noid (USA)
Axe of Rage (USA)
Axis Assassin (USA)
Aztec (USA)
Aztec Challenge (USA)
Aztec Tomb Adventure (Europe)
B-1 Bomber Game (USA)
B-24 (USA)
Baal (USA)
Baby of Can Guru, The (Europe)
Back to Reality (Europe)
Back to the Future (Europe)
Back to the Future II (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Back to the Future Part III (Europe)
Bad Blood (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (USA)
Bad Street Brawler (USA)
BadLands (Europe)
Bagasaurus (USA)
Ball Crazy (Europe)
Ball Game, The (Europe)
Ballblazer (USA)
Ballistix (USA)
Ballyhoo (USA)
Baltic 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (USA)
Banana Drama (Europe)
Bangers & Mash (Europe)
Bangkok Knights (Europe)
Bannercatch (USA)
Barbarian (Europe)
Barbie (USA)
Bard's Tale , The - Tales of the Unknown (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bard's Tale II, The - The Destiny Knight (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bard's Tale III, The - Thief of Fate (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Barnsley Badger (Europe)
Basil the Great Mouse Detective (Europe)
BAT (France) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bat Attack (Europe)
Batalyx (Europe)
Bath Time (Europe)
Batman - The Caped Crusader (Europe)
Batman - The Movie (Europe)
Battalion Commander (USA)
Battle Chess (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Battle Command (Ocean) (Europe)
Battle Group (USA)
Battle Island (Europe)
Battle of Midway, The (Europe)
Battle of the Parthian Kings (USA)
Battle Stations (Europe)
Battle Through Time (USA)
Battle Valley (Europe)
Battlecruiser (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Battlefield (Europe)
Battles in Normandy (Australia)
Battles of Napoleon (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Battleship (Epyx) (USA)
Battletech - The Crescent Hawk's Inception (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Battlezone (USA)
Batty (Europe)
Bazooka Bill (Europe)
BC Bill (Europe)
BC II - Grog's Revenge (USA)
BC's Quest for Tires (USA)
Beach Blanket Volleyball (USA)
Beach Buggy Simulator (Europe)
Beach Volley (Europe)
Beach-Head (USA)
Beach-Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back! (USA)
Beaky and the Eggsnatchers (Europe)
BEAM (Europe)
Beamrider (USA)
Bear Bovver (Europe)
Beatle Quest (Europe)
Bedlam (Europe)
Bee 52 (Europe)
Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz (USA)
Below the Root (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Betrayal (Europe)
Better Dead Than Alien! (Europe)
Beverly Hills Cop (Europe)
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (Europe)
Beyond Dark Castle (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Beyond the Black Hole (USA)
Beyond the Forbidden Forest (USA)
Beyond the Ice Palace (Europe)
Biff (Europe)
Big Ben (Europe)
Big Bird's Funhouse (USA)
Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (Europe)
Big Sleaze, The (Europe)
Big Trouble in Little China (Europe)
Bigfoot (Europe)
Biggles (Europe)
Bignoses USA Adventure (Europe)
Bigtop Barney (Europe)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bingo (Europe)
Bionic Commando (USA)
Bionic Ninja (Europe)
Bismarck - The North Sea Chase (Europe)
Bismark (Europe)
Bitmania (Europe)
Bizy-Beezzzz (Europe)
Black Crystal (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Black Gold (Europe)
Black Hawk (Europe)
Black Hornet (Europe)
Black Lamp (Europe)
Black Magic (USA)
Black Thunder (Europe)
Black Tiger (Europe)
Blackwyche (USA)
Blade of Blackpoole, The (USA)
Blade Runner (Europe)
Blades of Steel (USA)
Blagger (Europe)
Blagger Goes to Hollywood (Europe)
Blasteroids (Europe)
Blazer (Europe)
Blazing Thunder (Europe)
Blinky's Scary School (Europe)
Blip! - Video Classics (Europe)
Blitzkrieg (Europe)
Block Out (USA)
Blockbusters (Macsen Software) (Europe)
Blockbusters (TV Games) (Europe)
Blockhopper (Europe)
Blood Brothers (Europe)
Blood Money (USA)
Blood Valley (Europe)
Blood'n Guts (Sweden)
Bloodwych (Europe)
Blue Angel 69 (Europe)
Blue Angels - Formation Flight Simulation (USA)
Blue Max (USA)
Blue Max 2001 (USA)
Blue Moon (Europe)
Blue Thunder (Europe)
Blueprint (USA)
Blues Brothers, The (Europe)
BMX Freestyle Simulator (Europe)
BMX Jungle Bike (Europe)
BMX Kidz (Europe)
BMX Ninja (Europe)
BMX Racers (Europe)
BMX Simulator (Europe)
BMX Simulator II (Europe)
BMX Trials (Europe)
Bobby Bearing (Europe)
Bobsleigh (Europe)
Bod Squad, The (Europe)
Boggit, The - Bored Too (Europe)
Bogymen (Europe)
Boing (E J Software) (Europe)
Bomb Fusion (Europe)
Bomb Jack (Europe)
Bomb Jack II (Europe)
Bomb Uzal (Europe)
Bomber Run 64 (USA)
Bomberland (Europe) (Unl)
Bombo (Europe)
Bonanza Bros (Europe)
BoneCruncher (Europe)
Bonka (USA)
Booga-Boo the Flea (Europe)
Book of the Dead (Europe)
Boot Camp (USA)
Bootleg Bandits (Europe)
Booty (Europe)
Bop'n Wrestle (Europe)
Border Zone (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bored of the Rings (Europe)
Borrowed Time (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Bosconian 87 (Europe)
Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Revenge (USA)
Boulder Dash (USA)
Boulder Dash Construction Kit (USA) (Disk 1)
Boulder Dash III (USA)
Bounces (USA)
Bounder (Europe)
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (Europe)
Bounzy (France)
Bozos Night Out (Europe)
Bozuma - The Mystery of the Mummy (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Brainstorm (Europe)
Brands Deluxe (Europe)
BraveStarr (Europe)
Break Street (USA) (Side A)
Breakers (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Breakthrough in the Ardennes (USA)
Breakthru (Europe)
Brektwon - The Curse of the Keys (Germany)
Brian Bloodaxe (Europe)
Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge (Europe)
Brian Jack's Uchi-Mata (Europe)
Bride of Frankenstein (Europe)
Bridge 64 (Sweden)
Briley Witch Chronicles (Europe)
Bristles (USA)
Broadsides (USA)
Bruce Lee (USA)
Bubble Bobble (Europe)
Bubble Burst (USA)
Bubble Dizzy (Europe)
Bubble Ghost (USA)
Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (Europe)
Buddy Bubble (Europe)
Budokan - The Martial Spirit (USA) (Side A)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Buffalo Roundup (USA)
Bug Blaster (Europe)
Bug Blitz (Europe)
Bug Squad (Europe)
Bugbomber (Europe)
Bugsy (Europe)
Builder Ben (Europe)
Bulldog (Europe)
Bullseye (Europe)
Bully's Sporting Darts (Europe)
Bumble Bee (USA)
Bump Set Spike! - Doubles Volleyball (Europe)
Bumping Buggies (Europe)
Bundesliga Manager v2.0 (Germany)
Bunny Zap (USA)
Burger Chase (Europe)
Burger Time (Europe)
Burnin' Rubber (Europe)
Bushido (Europe)
Butcher Hill (Europe)
Buzz Off! (Europe)
C64anabalt (Encore) (Europe) (Unl)
C64anabalt (Ghormak) (Europe) (Unl)
Cabal (USA)
Cad-Cam Warrior (Europe)
Caesar the Cat (Europe)
Caesar's Travels (Europe)
California Games (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
California Pro Golf (Europe)
California Raisins and the Cereal Factory, The (USA) (Side A)
Camelot Warriors (Spain)
Candy Land - A Child's First Game (USA) (Side A)
Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann (Europe)
Captain Blood (France)
Captain Dynamo (Europe)
Captain Fizz - Meets the Blaster-Trons (USA)
Captain Kelly (Europe)
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (USA)
Captain Starlight (Europe)
Captain Zzap (Europe)
Captive, The (Europe)
Captured (Sweden)
Card Sharks (Accolade) (USA)
Card Sharks (Sharedata, Inc.) (USA) (Side A)
Caren and the Tangled Tentacles (Europe) (Unl)
Carnage (Europe)
Carrier Command (Europe)
Carrier Force (USA)
Carriers at War (Australia) (Disk 1)
Cartels & Cutthroats (USA)
Castle Blackstar (Europe)
Castle Master (Europe)
Castle of Mydor (Europe)
Castle of Terror (Melbourne House) (Europe)
Castle Wolfenstein (Europe)
Castles of Doctor Creep , The (USA)
Castlevania (USA)
Cataclysm (Europe)
Catacombs, The (Europe)
Cauldron (Europe)
Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back (Europe)
Causes of Chaos, The (Europe)
Cave Fighter (Europe)
Cave Kooks (Europe)
Cavelon (Europe)
Caveman Ugh-Lympics (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Cavemania (Europe)
Caverns of Eriban, The (Europe)
Caverns of Khafka (USA)
Caverns of Sillahc (Europe)
Centauri Alliance (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Centipede (USA)
Centurions Power X Treme (Europe)
Chain Reaction (Durell Software) (Europe)
Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip (Europe)
Challenger (Europe)
Chambers of Shaolin (Germany)
Chameleon (Europe)
Chamonix Challenge (France)
Champions of Krynn (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Championship 3D Snooker (Europe)
Championship Baseball (USA)
Championship Golf (Europe)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator (Europe)
Championship Sprint (Europe)
Championship Wrestling (USA)
Chase HQ (Europe)
Chase HQ 2 (Europe)
Cheap Skate (Europe)
Chernobyl (USA)
Chess 7.0 (USA)
Chessmaster 2000, The (USA) (Side A)
Chessmaster 2100 - The Fidelity (USA)
Chester Field - Challenge to Dark Gor (Japan) (Side A)
Chevy Chase (Europe)
Chicago's 30 (Europe)
Chickin Chase (Europe)
Chiller (Europe)
Chimera (Europe)
China Miner (Europe)
Chinese Juggler, The (Europe)
Chip's Challenge (USA)
ChipWits (USA)
Choc-a-Bloc Charlie (Europe)
Cholo (Europe)
Chomp! (USA)
Chomper (USA)
Chomper Man (Europe)
Chop n' Drop (USA)
Choplifter (USA)
Chopper Commander (Europe)
Chopper Hunt (USA)
Chubby Gristle (Europe)
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (USA)
Chuckie Egg (Europe)
Chuckie Egg II (Europe)
Chutes and Ladders (USA) (Side A)
Chwat (Poland) (Unl)
Ciphoid 9 (Europe)
Circus (Channel 8 Software) (Europe)
Circus Attractions (Europe)
Circus Charlie (USA)
Circus Circus (Europe)
Circus Games (Keypunch Software) (USA)
Circus Games (Tynesoft) (Europe)
Cisco Heat (Europe)
Citadel (Europe)
City Fighter (Europe)
Cityattak! (Europe)
CJ in the USA (Europe)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Europe)
Classic Adventure (Europe)
Classic Concentration - Second Edition (USA) (Side A)
Classic Concentration (USA) (Side A)
Classic Punter (USA)
Classic Trainer (USA)
Clean Up Time (Europe)
Clever & Smart (Europe)
Clever Clogs - Whizz Quiz (Europe)
Cliff Hanger (Europe)
Clik Clak (Europe)
Cloud Kingdoms (Europe)
Clowns (USA)
Club House Sports (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Cluedo (Europe)
Cobra (Europe)
Cobra Force (Europe)
Coco (USA)
CODE Hunter (Europe)
Codeword Arguseye in Secret Mission (Europe)
Cohen's Towers (USA)
Coil Cop (USA)
Collapse (Europe)
Colony (Europe)
Color Buster (Europe)
Colossal Adventure (Europe)
Colossus Chess 2.0 (Europe)
Colossus Chess 4 (Europe)
Colour of Magic, The (Europe)
Combat Course (USA)
Combat Crazy - Warbringer (Europe)
Combat Leader (USA)
Combat Lynx (Europe)
Combat Zone (Keypunch Software) (USA)
Combots (USA) (Side A)
Comet Game, The (Europe)
Comic Bakery (Europe)
Commando (Europe)
Computer Ambush (USA)
Computer Baseball (USA) (Side A)
Computer Quarterback (USA) (Side A)
Conan (USA)
Conflict in Vietnam (USA)
Confuzion (Europe)
Congo Bongo (1983) (Europe)
Congo Bongo (1985) (Europe)
Connect Four (Europe)
Con-Quest (Europe)
Continental Circus (Europe)
Contra (USA)
Convoy Raider (Europe)
Cool Croc Twins (Europe)
Cool World (Europe)
Cops'n'Robbers (Europe)
CORE (Europe)
Corporation, The (USA)
Corruption (Europe) (Side A)
Corx - Rebel Racers (Germany)
Cosmic Capers (Europe)
Cosmic Commando (Europe)
Cosmic Convoy (Europe)
Cosmic Cruiser - Galacto Honoris (Europe)
Cosmic Hero (Poland) (Unl)
Cosmic Life (USA)
Cosmic Pirate (Europe)
Cosmic Relief (USA) (Side A)
Cosmic Split (Personal Software Services) (Europe)
Cosmic Tunnels, The (USA)
Cosmonut (Europe)
Count Duckula - No Sax Please, We're Egyptian (Europe)
Count Duckula II featuring Tremendous Terence (Europe)
Countdown (Europe)
Countdown to Shutdown (USA)
CounterForce (Europe)
County Cricket (Europe)
Court-Side College Basketball Game (USA) (Disk 1)
CoverGirl Strip Poker (Europe)
Cowboy Kidz (Europe)
Crack Down (Europe)
Crack of Doom, The (Europe)
Crack-Up (Europe)
Crazy Balloon (Europe)
Crazy Cars (Europe)
Crazy Cars II (Europe)
Crazy Cars III (Europe) (Side A)
Crazy Caveman (Europe)
Crazy Kong 64 (Europe)
Crazy Sue (Europe)
Creature Creator (USA)
Creatures (Europe)
Creatures II - Torture Trouble (Europe) (Side A)
Cricket Captain (Hi-Tec Software) (Europe)
Cricket International (Europe)
Cricket-Crazy (Europe)
Crime and Punishment (USA)
Crime Time (Germany)
Crimson Crown (Europe) (Side A)
Crisis Mountain (USA)
Critical Mass (USA)
Crossbow (USA) (Side A)
Crossfire (Atlantis Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Crossroads (USA)
Crossword Magic 4.0 (USA)
Crown (Starbyte Software) (Germany)
Crush, Crumble & Chomp (USA)
Crystal Castles (US Gold) (Europe)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Europe)
Crystal Orb, The (USA)
Cubulus (Germany)
Cuddly Cuburt (Europe)
Cup Football (Europe)
Curse of Babylon (USA)
Curse of Sherwood, The (Europe)
Curse of the Azure Bonds (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Curse, The (Europe)
Cuthbert in the Jungle (Europe)
Cutthroats (USA)
Cyber World (Europe)
Cyberball (Europe)
Cybermen (USA)
Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine (Europe)
Cybernoid II - The Revenge (Europe)
Cybertron Mission (Europe)
Cyborg (CRL) (Europe)
Cybotron (Europe)
Cycles, The - International Grand Prix Racing (USA)
Cyclons (Europe)
Cylu (Europe)
Cyrus II - The Grand Master (Europe)
Daffy Duck (Europe) (Side A)
Dagon's Awakening (Europe)
Dalek Attack (Europe)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (Europe)
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (Europe)
Daley Thompson's Super-Test (Europe)
Dallas Quest, The (USA)
Dam Busters, The (Europe)
Damsel in Distress (Europe)
Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future (Europe)
Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (Europe)
Dan Dare III - The Escape (Europe)
Dandy (Europe)
Danger Freak (Europe)
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (Europe)
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (Europe)
Danger Ranger (Europe)
Dante's Inferno (USA)
Dare Devil Denis - The Sequel (Europe)
Dark Castle (USA) (Side A)
Dark Empire (Europe)
Dark Fusion (Europe)
Dark Lord (USA) (Side A)
Dark Side (Europe)
Darkman (Europe)
Darkness (Europe) (Unl)
David's Midnight Magic (USA)
Davy - King of the Wild Frontier (Europe)
Dawn Treader (USA)
Day Before, The (USA)
Day in a Life of a Prehistoric Man, A (USA) (Unl)
Days of Thunder (USA)
D-Bug (USA)
Deactivators (Europe)
Dead or Alive (Europe)
Deadenders (Europe)
Deadline (Infocom) (USA)
Deadly Evil (Europe)
Deadringer (Europe)
Death Bringer (USA) (Disk 1)
Death in the Carribean (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Death Knights of Krynn (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Death or Glory (Europe)
Death Race 64 (Europe)
Death Star (Europe)
Death Star Interceptor (Europe)
Death Sword (USA)
Death Wake (Europe)
Deathlord (USA) (Disk 1)
Deathscape - The Warzones of Terra (USA)
Deathwish III (Europe)
Decathlon (USA)
Decision in the Desert (USA)
Deep Space (Sir-Tech Software, Inc.) (USA)
Deep Strike (Europe)
Deep, The (Europe)
Defcom (Europe)
Defender (Atarisoft) (USA)
Defender 64 (Europe)
Defender of the Crown (USA)
Defenders of the Earth (Europe)
Deflectors! (Europe)
Deflektor (Europe)
Deja Vu - A Nightmare Comes True (USA) (Side A)
Deliverance - Stormlord II (Europe)
Delta Drawing (USA)
Delta Man (USA)
Delta Patrol (USA)
Demon Blue (Europe)
Demon Knight (Europe)
Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (USA) (Disk 1)
Demon's Kiss (Europe)
Demons of Topaz - Ozzy Versus the Universe (Europe)
Demon's Winter (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Denarius (Europe)
Depthcharge (USA)
Derby Day (Europe)
Desert Fox (Europe)
Desert Hawk (Europe)
Desert Rat (USA)
Desolator (Europe)
Destiny (Europe) (Side A)
Destroyer (USA)
Destroyer Escort (USA)
Destruct (Europe)
Detective Game, The (Europe)
Deus Ex Machina (Europe)
Deviants (Europe)
Devil's Island (Europe)
Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper (USA)
Diablo (Europe)
Diamond Mine (USA)
Diamond Trail (Europe)
Dick Tracy (Europe)
Dicky's Diamonds (Europe)
Dictator (Europe)
Die Hard (Activision) (USA)
Die Hard II - Die Harder (Europe)
Die! Alien Slime (Europe)
Dinky Doo (Europe)
Dino Wars (Europe) (Side A)
Dinosaur Dig (USA) (Side A)
Dive Bomber (Epyx) (USA)
Divex (USA)
Dizzy - Down the Rapids (Europe)
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk! (Europe)
Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Europe)
Dizzy Dice (Europe)
DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers (Europe)
Dneiper River Line (USA)
Doc the Destroyer (Europe)
Doctor Doom's Revenge (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror (Europe)
Dodgy Geezers (Europe)
Dogfight 2187 (USA)
Dolphin's Rune, The (USA)
Dominator (Europe)
Donald Duck's Playground (USA)
Donald's Alphabet Chase (USA)
Donkey Kong (Atarisoft) (USA)
Donkey Kong (Ocean) (Europe)
Doomdark's Revenge (USA)
Doriath (Europe)
Dot Gobbler (Normal) (USA)
Dot Gobbler (Wide) (USA)
Dots & Boxes (USA)
Double Dare (Europe)
Double Dare (USA) (Side A)
Double Dragon (Europe)
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Europe)
Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (USA)
Double Dribble (USA)
Double Take (Europe)
Doughboy (USA)
Downhill Challenge (USA)
Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide (Europe)
Dr. Mad vs. the Topsy Turvy Moon Men of Mars (USA) (Unl)
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex (USA) (Side A)
Dracula (Europe) (Disk 1)
Dragon Breed (USA) (Side A)
Dragon Spirit (Europe)
Dragon Wars (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
DragonHawk (USA)
Dragonriders of Pern (USA)
Dragon's Keep (USA)
Dragon's Kingdom (Europe)
Dragon's Lair (Europe)
Dragon's Lair Part II - Escape from Singe's Castle (Europe)
Dragons of Flame (USA) (Side A)
DragonSkulle (USA)
Dragonstone - The Quest (USA) (Unl)
Dragonstrike (USA)
Dragonworld (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Draughts (Stack Computer Services Ltd.) (Europe)
Drazen Petrovic Basket (Spain)
Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 (USA)
Dream Warrior (Europe)
DreamTeam Fantasy Football (USA)
Drelbs (USA)
Drip (Poland) (Unl)
Droids (MAD) (Europe)
Drol (USA)
Dropzone (Europe)
Druid (Europe)
Duck Shoot (Europe)
Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold (USA) (Side A)
Duel, The - Test Drive II (USA) (Disk 1)
Dungeon (Germany)
Dungeon Adventure (Europe)
Dungeon Masters Assistant Volume I - Encounters (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Dungeon Masters Assistant Volume II - Characters and Treasures (USA)
Dylan Dog - Gli Uccisori (Italy)
Dynamic Duo (Europe)
Dynamite Dan (Europe)
Dynamite Dux (USA)
Dynamix (Europe)
Dynasty Wars (Europe)
Dyter-07 (Germany) (Unl)
Eagle Empire (Europe)
Eagles (Hewson Consultants Ltd.) (Europe)
Eagles (SSI) (USA)
Earthquake (Europe)
Echelon (USA) (Side A)
Edd the Duck! (Europe)
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (Europe)
Eidolon, The (USA)
Election (Europe)
Election Game, The (Europe)
Elektra Glide (Europe)
Elevator Action (Europe)
Elidon (Europe)
Eliminator (Hewson Consultants Ltd.) (Europe)
Elite (Europe)
Elven Warrior (Europe)
Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Elvira - The Arcade Game (Europe)
Elvira II (Europe) (Disk 3) (Boot)
Emerald Isle (Europe)
Emerald Mine (Europe)
Emerald Mine II (Europe)
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Europe)
Empire Strikes Back, The (Europe)
Encounter (Novagen Software) (Europe)
Enduro Racer (USA)
Endzone (Europe)
Energy (Warrior) (Europe)
Engineer Humpty (Europe)
England Championship Special (Europe)
Enigma Force (USA)
Enlightenment - Druid II (Europe)
Entombed (USA)
Eoroid (Poland) (Unl)
EOS - Earth Orbit Station (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Equalizer, The (Europe)
Equestrian Showjumper (USA)
Equinox (Europe)
Erebus (Europe)
Ernie's Big Splash (USA)
Ernie's Magic Shapes (USA)
Escape (Argus Press Software + Quicksilva) (Europe)
Escape from Arth Special Edition (Europe) (Unl)
Escape from Doomworld (Europe)
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Europe)
Escape from the Waste Disposal Unit (USA)
Escape MCP (USA)
Escape Route - The Adventures of Eric Hawthorne (USA) (Unl)
Eskimo Games (Europe)
Espial (USA)
Espionage (Grandslam Entertainment Ltd.) (Europe)
Espionage Island (Europe)
Essex (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Estra (Europe)
ESWAT (Europe)
Eternal (Poland) (Unl)
Eternal Dagger, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Eureka! (Europe) (Side A)
Europe Ablaze (Australia)
European 5-a-Side (Europe)
European Champions (Challenge Software) (Europe)
European Soccer Challenge (Europe)
Everest Ascent (Europe)
Every Second Counts (Europe)
Everyone's a Wally (Europe)
Evolution (Australia)
Excaliba (Europe)
Exile (Europe)
Exodus (Europe)
Exolon (Europe)
Exploding Wall (Europe)
Explorer (Europe)
Express Raider (USA)
Exterminator (Audiogenic Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Exterminator (Bubble Bus) (Europe)
Extraterrestrial (USA)
Extreme (Europe)
Eye (Europe)
Eye of Horus (Europe)
Eye of the Beholder (USA)
F1 GP Circuits (Europe) (Side A)
F1 Tornado (Europe)
F-14 Tomcat (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
F-15 Strike Eagle (USA)
F-16 Combat Pilot (Europe)
FA Cup Football (Europe)
Fabulous Wanda, The - and the Secret of Life, the Universe, and Everything (USA)
Face Off! (USA)
Factor Blast (USA)
Factory, The (USA)
Faery Tale Adventure, The (USA) (Disk 1) (Boot)
Fahrenheit 451 (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Fairlight - A Prelude (Europe)
Fairy Well (USA) (Unl)
Falcon - The Renegade Lord (Europe)
Falcon Patrol (Europe)
Falcon Patrol II (Europe)
Fall Guy, The (Europe)
Fall of Rome, The (Europe)
Fallen Angel (Europe)
Fame Quest (USA)
Family Feud (USA) (Side A)
Fantastic Animals (USA) (Side A)
Fantasy World Dizzy (Europe)
Fast Break (USA)
Fast Eddie (USA)
Fast Food! (Europe)
FAX (USA) (Disk 1)
Felix in the Factory (Europe)
Fellowship of the Ring, The (Europe) (Side A)
Fernandez Must Die (Europe)
Ferrari Formula One (USA) (Side A)
Feud - Battle of the Wizards (Europe)
Field of Fire (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun (USA) (Side A)
Fifth Quadrant, The (Europe)
Fifty Mission Crush (USA)
Fight Night (Europe)
Fighting Soccer (USA)
Final Assault (USA)
Final Blow (USA)
Final Fight (Europe)
Finders Keepers (Europe)
Fiona Rides Out (Europe)
Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy (Europe) (Disk 1sa)
Fire Ant (Europe)
Fire King (Australia) (Disk 1)
Fire One (USA)
Fire Track (Europe)
Firefly (Europe)
Firehouse Rescue (USA)
Firelord (Europe)
Fireman Sam - The Hero next Door (Europe)
Firepower (USA) (Side A)
Firequest (Europe)
FireTrap (Europe)
Firezone (Europe)
First over Germany (USA)
First Samurai (Europe)
First Strike (Europe)
Fish! (Europe) (Side A)
Fist - The Legend Continues (USA)
Fist Fighter (Europe)
Fist+ (Europe)
Five a Side (Europe)
Flak - The Ultimate Flight Experience (USA)
Flight Deck (Europe)
Flight Path 737 - Advanced Pilot Trainer (Europe)
Flight Simulator II (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Flimbo's Quest (Europe)
Flintstones - Yabba-Dabba-Dooo! (Europe)
Flintstones, The (Europe)
Flubble and Squij (USA) (Unl)
Flunky (Europe)
Fly Harder (Germany)
Flying Ace (USA)
Flying Feathers (Europe)
Fool's Gold (Europe)
Football (SubLogic) (USA)
Football Director (Europe)
Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Europe)
Football Manager (Europe)
Football Manager II (Europe)
Football Manager III (Europe)
Footballer of the Year (Europe)
Footballer of the Year II (Europe)
For Gold or Glory (Europe)
Forbidden Castle (USA)
Forbidden Forest (USA)
Force One (Europe)
Force Seven (USA)
Force, The (Argus Press Software) (Europe)
Forest of Doom, The (Europe)
Forgotten Worlds (Europe)
Formula 1 Simulator (Europe)
Fort Apocalypse (USA)
Fortress (USA)
Fortress of Narzod (USA) (Unl)
Fortress of the Witch King (USA)
Fourth Protocol, The (Europe) (Side A)
Fox Fights Back! (Europe)
Fraction Fever (USA)
Frak! (Europe)
Frank Bruno's Boxing (Europe)
Frankenstein (CRL) (Europe)
Frankenstein (Zeppelin Games) (Europe)
Frankenstein Jnr. (Europe)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Europe)
Freak Factory (Europe)
Fred (Europe)
Freddy Hardest (Europe)
Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan (Spain)
Fred's Back (Germany)
Fred's Back II (Germany)
Frenesis (Europe)
Friday the 13th (Europe)
Frightmare (Europe)
Frog Master (USA)
Frogger (Parker Brothers) (USA)
Frogger 64 (Europe)
Frogger II - Three Deep (USA)
Frogrun 64 (Europe)
Front Line (Europe)
Frost Byte (Europe)
Fruit Machine Simulator (Europe)
Fruit Machine Simulator II (Europe)
Fruity (Europe)
Fun House (Hi Tech Expressions) (USA)
Fungus (Europe)
Fury, The (Europe)
Future Bike Simulator (Europe)
Future Knight (Europe)
Galactic Assault (Europe)
Galactic Games (USA) (Side A)
Galaxian (USA)
Galax-i-Birds (Europe)
Galaxy (Kingsoft) (Europe)
Galaxy Conflict (Europe)
Galaxy Force II (USA)
Galleon, The (Europe) (Side A)
Game Over (Europe)
Game Over II (Spain)
Games, The - Summer Edition (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Games, The - Winter Edition (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Gamma Force - The Pit of a Thousand Screams (USA) (Side A)
Gandalf the Sorcerer (USA)
Gangster (Europe)
Gaplus (Europe)
Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Europe)
Garfield - Winter's Tail (Europe)
Garrison (Europe)
Garry Kitchen's GameMaker (USA) (Disk 1)
Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (Europe)
Gary Lineker's Super Skills (Europe)
Gates of Dawn (Europe)
Gateway to Apshai (USA)
Gateway to the Savage Frontier (USA) (Disk 1)
Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (Europe)
Gauntlet (USA)
Gauntlet II (USA)
Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (Europe) (Side A)
Gazza II (Europe)
Gazza's Super Soccer (Europe)
GBA Championship Basketball - Two-on-Two (USA)
GeeBee Air Rally (USA)
Gemini Wing (Europe)
Gemstone Healer (USA) (Side A)
Gemstone Warrior (USA)
Gem'x (USA)
Genesis (USA)
Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge (Europe)
Germany 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (USA)
Get Off my Garden! (Europe)
Get'em DX (Europe) (Unl)
GFL Championship Football (USA)
Ghost Chaser (USA)
Ghost Hunters (Europe)
Ghostbusters (USA)
Ghostbusters II (USA)
Ghosts'n Goblins (Europe)
Ghouls (Europe)
Ghouls'n'Ghosts (Europe)
GI Joe (USA)
Gilbert - Escape from Drill (Europe)
Gilligans Gold (Europe)
Give my Regards to Broad Street (Europe)
Gladiator (Domark) (Europe)
Gladiators (Europe)
Glider Rider (Europe)
Global Commander (USA)
G-Loc R360 (Europe)
Glug Glug (Europe)
Gnome Ranger (Europe) (Side A)
Go Micro (Europe)
Goblin Towers (Europe)
Gods and Heroes (Europe)
Gogo the Ghost (Europe)
Golden Axe (Europe)
Golf - St. Andrews (Europe)
Golf Construction Set (Europe)
Golf's Best (St Andrews) (USA)
Goodness Gracious (USA)
Goofy's Railway Express (USA)
Goonies, The (USA)
Gordian Tomb (Europe)
Gorf (USA)
Gortek and the Kryptobytes (USA)
Gortek and the Microchips (USA) (Tape 1)
Gotcha! (Europe)
Gothik (Europe)
Gothmog's Lair (USA)
Gradius (USA)
Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (Europe)
Grand Larceny (Europe)
Grand Monster Slam (Europe)
Grand Prix (Europe)
Grand Prix Circuit (USA)
Grand Prix Master (Spain)
Grand Prix Simulator (Europe)
Grand Prix Simulator II (Europe)
Grand Slam Baseball - Steve Garvey vs. Jose Canseco (USA)
Grandmaster (Europe)
Grange Hill (Europe)
Grave Yardage (USA) (Side A)
Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The (USA)
Great Escape, The (Europe)
Great Giana Sisters , The (Europe)
Great Gurianos (Europe)
Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf - Shark Attack (Europe)
Gremlins - The Adventure (USA)
Gremlins (USA)
Gremlins II - The New Batch (Europe)
Greyfell - The Legend of Norman (USA)
Gribbly's Day Out (Europe)
Grid Iron (Europe)
Grid Iron II (Europe)
Gridrunner (USA)
Gridtrap (Europe)
Grover's Animal Adventures (USA)
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (Europe)
Gruds in Space (USA)
Gryphon (Europe)
Guadalcanal (USA)
Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (Europe)
Guderian (USA)
Guerrilla War - Hail the Heroes (Europe)
Guild of Thieves, The (Europe) (Side A)
Gulf Strike (USA)
Gumshoe (Europe)
Gun Runner (Alpha Omega Software) (Europe)
Gun Smoke (USA) (Side A)
Gunboat (Europe)
Guns 'n' Ghosts (Europe) (Unl)
Gunship (USA) (Side A)
Gunslinger (Datasoft) (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Gunstar (Europe)
Gusher (Europe)
Gust Buster (USA)
GUTZ (Europe)
Guzzler (Europe)
Gyropod (Europe)
Gyroscope (Europe)
Gyruss (USA)
Hacker (USA)
Hacker II - The Doomsday Papers (USA)
Hades Nebula (Europe)
Hagar the Horrible (Europe)
Halcyon (Europe)
Halley Mission, The - A Shuttle Simulation (USA)
Halls of Montezuma (Australia)
Halls of the Things, The (Europe)
Hammer Boy (Spain)
Hammerfist (USA) (Side A)
Happiest Days of Your Life, The (Europe)
Harbour Attack (USA)
Hard Drivin' (Europe)
Hard Hat Mack (USA)
Hard 'n' Heavy (Germany) (Unl)
HardBall! (USA)
Harrier 7 (USA)
Harrier Attack (Europe)
Harrier Combat Simulator (USA)
Harvey Headbanger (Europe)
Hat Trick (USA)
HATE - Hostile All Terrain Encounter (Europe)
Haunted House (Alligata Software) (Europe)
Havoc (Players Premier) (Europe)
Hawk Storm (Europe)
Hawkeye (Europe) (Side A)
Head Coach (Europe)
Head over Heels (Europe)
Head Start (Europe)
Headache (Europe)
Heart of Africa (USA) (Side A)
Heartland (Europe)
Heat Wave (USA)
Heathrow Air Traffic Control (Europe)
Heatseeker (Europe)
Heavy Metal - Modern Land Combat Vol. I (USA)
Heist, The (USA)
Hektik (Europe)
Hellcat Ace (USA)
Hellfire (Europe)
Hellgate (Europe)
Hellhole (Europe)
Hellion, The (Europe)
Hellraid (Italy)
Helm, The (Europe)
Helter Skelter (Europe)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Europe)
Henry's House (Europe)
Herbert's Dummy Run (Europe)
Herby (Netherlands)
Hercules - Slayer of the Damned (Europe)
Hercules (Europe)
HERO - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation (USA)
Hero of the Golden Talisman (Europe)
Hero Quest - Return of the Witchlord (Europe)
Hero Quest (Europe) (Side A)
Herobotix (Europe)
Heroes of Karn, The (Europe)
Heroes of the Lance (USA)
HES Games (USA)
Hessian (Europe)
Hexpert (Europe)
Hey Diddle Diddle (USA)
Hi Bouncer (Europe)
Hide and Seek (USA)
Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants (Europe)
Hideous! (Europe)
High Flyer (Commodore) (USA)
High Frontier (USA)
High Rollers (USA)
High Seas (USA)
Highlander (Europe)
Highnoon (Europe)
Highway Encounter (Europe)
Hillsfar (USA) (Side A)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (USA) (Side A)
HKM - Human Killing Machine (Europe)
Hobbit, The (Europe) (Side A)
Hobgoblin (Europe)
Hocus Focus (Europe)
Hollywood Hijinx (USA)
Hollywood Squares (USA) (Side A)
Honey Bee (Europe)
Honeymooners, The (USA) (Side A)
Hong Kong Phooey (Europe)
Hoodoo Voodoo (Europe)
Hook (Europe)
Hooper (Europe)
Hopeless (Europe)
Hopper Copper (Europe)
Hoppin' Mad (Europe)
Horace Goes Skiing (Europe)
Hostages (France)
Hot Rod (USA) (Side A)
Hot Shot (Europe)
Hot Wheels (USA)
House of Usher (Europe)
Hover Bovver (Europe)
Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island (USA)
Hudson Hawk (Europe)
Human Race, The (Europe)
Hummdinger (Europe)
Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies (Europe)
Humpty in the Garden (Europe)
Hunchback - The Adventure (Europe)
Hunchback (Europe)
Hunchback at the Olympics (Europe)
Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (Europe)
Hungry Horace (Europe)
Hunt for Red October, The (Europe)
Hunter (Europe)
Hunter Patrol (Europe)
Hunter's Moon (Europe)
Hustler's Revenge (Europe)
Huxley Pig (Europe)
Hyber Blob (Europe)
Hybrid (USA)
Hydra (Europe) (Side A)
Hydrax (Europe)
Hypa-Ball (Europe)
Hyper Biker (Europe)
Hyper Circuit (Europe)
Hyper Sports (Europe)
Hyper Viper (Europe) (Unl)
Hyperbowl (Europe)
Hyperforce (Europe)
Hyperrace (Europe)
Hysteria (Europe)
I Play - 3D Soccer (Italy)
I, Ball (Europe)
I, Ball II - The Quest for the Past (Europe)
I-Alien (Europe)
Ice Busters (Europe)
Ice Hunter (Europe)
Ice Palace (Creative Sparks) (Europe)
ICUPS (Europe)
Ikari III - The Rescue (USA)
Ikari Warriors (Data East) (USA)
Ikari Warriors (Elite) (Europe)
Imagination (Europe)
Imhotep (USA)
Implosion (Europe)
Impossamole (Europe) (Side A)
Impossible Mission (USA)
Impossible Mission II (USA)
In 80 Days Around the World (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (USA)
In the Chips (USA)
Inca Curse (Europe)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Europe)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Europe)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Europe)
Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom (USA)
Indoor Sports (USA) (Side A)
Indy Heat (USA)
Infernal Runner (France)
Infiltrator (Europe) (Side A)
Infiltrator Part II - The Next Day (Europe)
Infodroid (USA)
Inheritance, The - Panic in Las Vegas (France)
Injured Engine (USA)
Inner Space (Europe)
Insects in Space (Europe)
Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear (Europe)
Intensity (Europe)
Interchange (Europe)
Interdictor Pilot (Europe)
Intergalactic Cage Match (Europe)
International 3D Tennis (Europe)
International Basketball (USA)
International Ice Hockey (Europe)
International Manager (Europe)
International Ninja Rabbits (Europe)
International Rugby Simulator (Europe)
International Soccer (USA)
International Speedway (Europe)
International Sports Challenge (Europe)
International Team Sports (USA) (Side A)
International Tennis (Commodore) (USA)
International Truck Racing (Europe)
Interview (Europe)
Into the Eagle's Nest (Europe) (Unl)
Intrigue! (USA) (Side A)
Invaders 64 (Europe)
Invaders of the Lost Tomb (USA)
Invasion (Europe)
Inve$t (Germany)
IO - Into Oblivion (Europe)
Iridis Alpha (Europe)
Iron Horse (USA)
Iron Lord (France) (Side A)
Island of the Dragons (USA) (Unl)
Isle of the Cursed Prophet, The (Europe)
ISS - Incredible Shrinking Sphere (Europe)
Italy 1990 - Winners Edition (Europe)
Italy '90 Soccer (Italy)
It's a Knockout (Europe)
It's only Rock'n'Roll (Europe)
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (Europe)
I-Xera (Europe)
Jack and the Beanstalk (Thor Computer Software) (Europe)
Jack Attack (USA)
Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (Europe)
Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Jack the Nipper (Europe)
Jack the Nipper II - Coconut Capers (Europe)
Jack the Ripper (Europe)
Jackal (Europe)
Jahangir Khan Squash (Europe)
Jail Break (USA)
James Bond (USA)
James Pond II - Codename RoboCod (Europe)
Jammin' (Europe)
Jaws (Europe)
Jaws (USA) (Side A)
Jeep (France)
Jeep Command (Europe)
Jeepers Creepers! (Europe)
Jeopardy! (USA) (Side A)
Jet Power Jack (Europe)
Jet Set Willy (Europe)
Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier (Europe)
Jet Strike Mission (Europe)
Jet-Boot Jack (Europe)
Jet-Boys (USA)
Jetsons, The (Europe)
Jewels of Babylon (Europe)
Jewels of Darkness (Europe)
Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (USA) (Side A)
Jimmy's Super League (Europe)
Jinks (Europe)
Jinn-Genie (Europe)
Jinxter (Europe) (Side A)
Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium (Europe)
Joe Blade (Europe)
Joe Blade II (Europe)
Joe Gunn - Gold Edition (Europe) (Unl)
John Elway's Quarterback (Europe)
John Lowe's Ultimate Darts (Europe)
John Madden Football (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Johnny Reb (Europe)
Johnny Reb II (Europe)
Joker Poker (USA)
Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworld (Europe)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Jr. Pac-Man (Europe)
Judge Dredd (Melbourne House) (Europe)
Judge Dredd (Virgin Mastertronic) (Europe)
Juice! (USA)
Jump Jet (Europe)
Jump! Machine (Europe)
Jumpin Jack (Europe)
Jumpin' Jimmy (Europe)
Jumpman (USA)
Jumpman Junior (USA)
Jungle Hunt (USA)
Jungle Quest (Europe)
Jungle Story (Europe)
Jungle Trouble (Europe)
Junior Wordsplits - A Game of Words (Europe)
Junkyard Jalopies (Europe)
Juno First (USA)
Jupiter Lander (Commodore) (USA)
Jupiter Mission 1999 (USA) (Side A)
Kaiser (Europe)
Kaktus (Europe)
Kaleidokubes (USA)
Kamikaze (Europe)
Kami-Kaze (Europe)
Kampfgruppe (USA) (Disk 1)
Kane (Europe)
Kane II (Europe)
Karate Champ (USA)
Karate Chop (Europe)
Karateka (USA)
Karnov (USA)
Karting Grand Prix (Europe)
Kat Trap - Planet of the Cat-Men (Europe)
Katakis (Europe)
Kayden Garth (USA)
Kayleth (Europe)
Kellogg's Tour 1988 (Europe)
Kennedy Approach (USA)
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Europe)
Kensington (Europe)
Kentilla (Europe)
Kentucky Racing (Europe)
Ket Trilogy, The (Europe)
Kettle (Europe)
Keys to Maramon, The (USA) (Side A)
KGB Superspy (Europe)
Kick Box Vigilante (Europe)
Kick Off (Anco) (Europe)
Kick Off (Bubble Bus) (Europe)
Kick Off II (Europe)
Kickman (USA)
Kid Grid (USA)
Kid Niki to the Rescue (USA)
Kikstart (Europe)
Kikstart II - The Construction Set (Europe)
Killed Until Dead (USA)
Killer Watt (Europe)
Killer-Ring (Europe)
Killing Machine (Europe)
Kindercomp (USA)
Kinetik (Europe)
King's Bounty (USA)
Kings of the Beach (USA)
Klax (Europe)
Klemens (Poland) (Unl)
Kljuc (Croatia)
Knight Games (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Knight Games II - Space Trilogy (Europe) (Side A)
Knight Orc - Graphic Version (Europe) (Side A)
Knight Rider (Europe)
Knightmare (USA)
Knight'n'Grail (Europe) (Unl)
Knights & Slimes! (Europe)
Knights of Legend (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Knights of the Desert (USA)
Knight-Tyme (Europe)
Knockout (Europe)
Knuckle Buster (Europe)
Kobayashi Naru (Europe)
Kobo64 (USA) (Unl)
Kokotoni Wilf (Europe)
Kong (Anirog Software) (Europe)
Kong Strikes Back! (Europe)
Kongo Kong (USA)
Koronis Rift (USA)
Kosmic Kanga (Europe)
Krakout (Europe)
Krazy Kar (Europe)
Kromazone (Europe)
Krymini (Europe)
Krypton (Europe)
Kung-Fu - The Way of the Exploding Fist (Europe)
Kung-Fu II - Sticks of Death (Europe)
Kung-Fu Master (USA)
Kwah (Europe)
Kwik Snax (Europe)
LA Crackdown (USA) (Side A)
L'Abbaye des morts (Canada)
Labyrinth (Activision + Lucasfilm Games) (USA) (Side A)
Labyrinth (Commodore) (USA)
Lady Tut (USA)
Lancelot - Graphic Version (Europe) (Side A)
Lancelot - Text Version (Europe)
Lancer-Lord (Europe)
Land of Neverwhere (Europe)
Lander (Europe)
Lands of Havoc, The (Europe)
Lane Mastodon vs. the Blubbermen (USA) (Side A)
Las Vegas Video Poker (Europe)
Laser Squad (Europe)
Laser Zone (Europe)
Last Amazon Trilogy, The (Europe) (Unl)
Last Battle (Europe)
Last Duel (Europe)
Last Gladiator, The (USA)
Last Mission (USA)
Last Ninja , The (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Last Ninja II (Europe) (Side A)
Last Ninja III (Europe) (Side A)
Last Ninja Remix (Europe) (Side A)
Last V8, The (Europe)
Later (Poland) (Unl)
Law of the West (USA)
Lawn Tennis (Europe)
Lazarian (USA)
Lazer Tag (Europe)
Lazer-Force (Europe)
Lazy Jones (Europe)
Le Mans (USA)
Leaderboard Executive (USA)
Leaderboard Golf (USA)
League Challenge (Europe)
Leaping Larry (USA)
Leather Goddesses of Phobos (USA) (Side A)
LED Storm (USA)
Legacy of the Ancients (USA) (Side A)
Legend of Blacksilver, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Legend of Kage (Europe)
Legend of Sinbad, The (Europe)
Legend of the Amazon Women (USA)
Legend of the Apache Gold, The (Europe)
Legend of the Knucker-Hole, The (Europe)
Legionnaire (USA)
Legions of Death (Europe)
Lemmings (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Leonardo (Germany)
Lester (Europe)
Lethal (Europe)
Lethal Weapon (Europe)
Leviathan (Europe) (Side A)
Licence to Kill (Europe)
Lifeforce (CRL) (Europe)
Lifeforce (Konami) (USA)
Lifeterm (Europe)
Lightforce (Europe) (Unl)
Line of Fire (Europe)
Linking Logic (USA)
Little Computer People (USA) (Side A)
Little Green Man (Europe)
Little Icarus (Europe)
Little People Bowling Alley (USA)
Little Puff in Dragonland (Europe)
Little Sara Sister Trilogy (Europe) (Unl)
Live and Let Die (Europe)
Liverpool - The Computer Game (Europe)
Living Daylights, The (Europe)
Livingstone, I Presume (Europe)
Loco (Alligata Software) (Europe)
Locomotion (Kingsoft) (Europe)
Lode Runner (Br0derbund) (USA)
Log!cal (Europe)
Logic Levels (USA)
Logo (Germany)
London Blitz (USA)
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (Europe)
Loopz (Europe)
Lord of Dragonspire, The (Europe)
Lord of the Balrogs (Europe)
Lord of the Rings (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Lords (Europe)
Lords of Chaos (Europe)
Lords of Conquest (USA)
Lords of Doom (Germany) (Disk 1 Side A)
Lords of Midnight (USA)
Lords of Time (Europe)
Lost Tomb (USA)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Europe)
Lucifer's Realm (USA) (Side A)
Lucky Egg (Hungary) (Unl)
Lunar Leeper (USA)
Lunar Outpost (USA)
Lupo Alberto - The Videogame (Europe)
Lurking Horror, The (USA)
Lykia - The Lost Island (Europe)
Macadam Bumper (Europe)
Mad Doctor (Europe)
Mad Mix Game - The Pepsi Challenge (Europe)
Mad Nurse (Europe)
Madballs (Europe)
Madness (Rainbow Arts) (Europe)
Madrax (Poland) (Unl)
Mag Max (Europe)
Maggotmania (USA)
Magic Candle, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Magic Johnson's Basketball (Europe)
Magic Madness (Europe)
Magic of Endoria (USA) (Unl)
Magic Rufus (Europe)
Magic Serpent C64 (Germany)
Magic Stone (Europe)
Magician's Ball, The (Europe)
Magicland Dizzy (Europe)
Magnetron (Europe)
Mail Order Monsters (USA)
Majik (Europe)
Mama Llama (Europe)
Mancala (California Dreams) (USA)
Manchester United (Europe) (Side A)
Manchester United Europe (Europe)
Mancopter (USA)
Mandragore (France)
Mandroid (Europe)
Mangrove (Europe)
Maniac Mansion (USA) (Side A)
Maniax (Europe)
Manic Miner (Europe)
Marauder (Europe)
Marble Madness (USA)
Mario Bros. (Europe)
Market Forces (USA)
Mars Saga, The (USA) (Side A)
MASK (Europe)
MASK II (Europe)
Mask of the Sun, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Masquerade (USA)
Master Chess (Europe)
Master Ninja - Shadow Warrior of Death (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Master of Magic, The (Europe)
Master of the Lamps (USA)
Masters of the Universe - The Movie (Europe)
Masters of Time (USA)
Match Day (Europe)
Match Day II (Europe)
Match of the Day (Europe)
Match Point (Europe)
Match, The (Europe)
Matchboxes (USA)
Matterhorn Screamer (USA)
Max Headroom (Europe)
Maxwell Manor - Skull of Doom (USA)
Mayday Squad! (Europe)
Mayhem in Monsterland (Europe)
Maze Mania (Europe)
Maze Master (USA)
Maziacs (Europe)
McDonaldland (Europe) (Side A)
Mean City (Europe)
Mean Machine (Europe)
Mean Streak (Europe)
Mean Streets (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Mech Brigade (USA)
Mediator (Europe)
Medieval Adventure (USA)
Mega Phoenix (Spain)
Mega-Apocalypse (Europe)
Meganova - The Weapon (Europe)
Megawarz (Europe)
Melonmania (Europe)
Memory Manor (USA)
Menace (USA)
Mental Blocks (USA)
Mercenary - Escape from Targ (Europe)
Mercenary - The Second City (Europe)
Mercs (Europe)
Mermaid Madness (Europe)
Merry Christmas (Europe)
Metal Dust (Europe) (Disk 1) (Unl)
Metal Gear (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Metal Warrior III (Europe) (Unl)
Metal Warrior IV - Agents of Metal (Finland) (Unl) (Side A)
Metamorphosis IV - Labyrinth of the Creator (Europe)
Metaplex (Europe)
Metranaut (Europe)
Metro Blitz (Europe)
Metro-Cross (Europe)
Metropolis (Topo Soft) (Spain)
Miami Chase (Europe)
Miami Dice (Europe)
Miami Vice (Europe)
Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird - One On One (USA) (Side A)
Mickey Mouse (Europe)
Mickey's Runaway Zoo (USA)
Mickey's Space Adventure (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Micro Ball (Europe)
Micro Mouse (Europe)
Micro Rhythm (Europe)
Microcosm (Europe)
microgo1 (Europe)
MicroLeague Baseball - General Manager - Owner Disk (USA)
MicroLeague Baseball (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
MicroLeague Baseball II (USA)
Micro-MUD (Multi User Dungeon) (Europe) (Side A)
Microprose Soccer (USA)
Midnight Resistance (Europe)
Midway Campaign (USA)
Mig Alley Ace (USA)
Mig-29 Soviet Fighter (Europe)
Might and Magic Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Mighty Bombjack (Europe)
Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz (Europe)
Mikie (Europe)
Mind Control (Europe)
Mind Mirror (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Mind Prober (USA)
Mindfighter (USA)
Mindroll (USA)
Mindshadow (USA) (Side A)
Mindtrap (Europe)
Mindwheel (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Miner 2049'er (USA)
Mini Golf (USA)
Mini Putt (USA)
Minit Man (Europe)
Minnesota Fat's Pool Challenger (USA)
Missile Command (Interceptor Software) (Europe)
Missing Links (USA)
Mission AD (Europe)
Mission Asteroid (USA)
Mission Elevator (Europe)
Mission Genocide (Europe)
Mission Omega (Europe)
Modem Wars (USA)
Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Molecule Man (Europe)
Monday Night Football (USA) (Side A)
Mondu's Fight Palace (USA) (Side A)
Monkey Magic (Europe)
Monopole CBM-64 (Europe)
Monopoly (Leisure Genius) (Europe)
Monster Catcher (Europe)
Monster Munch (Europe)
Monte Carlo Casino (Europe)
Montezuma's Revenge (USA)
Monty Mole (Europe)
Monty on the Run (Europe)
Monty Python's Flying Circus (Europe)
Moon (Europe)
Moon Buggy! (Europe)
Moon Cresta (Europe)
Moon Dust (USA)
Moon Patrol (Atarisoft) (USA)
Moon Patrol (Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games, Inc.) (USA)
Moon Shuttle (USA)
Moonfall (Europe)
Moonmist (USA)
MoonShadow (Idea Software) (Europe)
Moonsweeper (Imagic) (USA)
Moontorc (Europe)
Moonwalker - The Computer Game (Europe)
Mordon's Quest (Europe)
Morpheus (Europe)
MOT (Europe)
Motocross (Codemasters) (Europe)
Motor Mania (USA)
Motorbike Madness (Europe)
Motorcycle 500 (Europe)
Motos (Europe)
Mountain Bike Racer (Europe)
Mountain King (USA)
Mouse Quest (Europe)
Movie Monster Game, The (USA)
Moving Target (Europe)
Mr. Angry (Europe)
Mr. Cool (USA)
Mr. Dig (Europe)
Mr. Do! (USA)
Mr. Do's Castle (USA)
Mr. Freeze (Europe)
Mr. Heli (Europe)
Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory (USA)
Mr. T's Number Games (Europe)
Mr. T's Shape Games (Europe)
Mr. Wimpy - The Hamburger Game (Europe)
Mr. Wino (Europe)
Mrs. Mop (Europe)
Ms. Pacman (USA)
MTV Remote Control (USA) (Side A)
Mugsy's Revenge (Europe)
Mummy's Tomb, The (Europe)
Munch Mania (Europe)
Muncher Eats Chewits, The (Europe)
Munsters, The (Europe)
Murder (Europe)
Murder off Miami (Europe)
Murder on the Atlantic (Infogrames) (France)
Murder on the Mississippi - The Adventures of Sir Charles Foxworth (USA)
Murder on the Zinderneuf (USA)
Murray Mouse Super Cop (Europe)
Mushroom Alley (Europe)
Mutant Monty (Europe)
Mutants (Europe)
My Grand Piano (USA)
My Life (Europe)
Mychess II (USA)
Mystery Master - Murder by the Dozen (USA)
Mystery of Munroe Manor, The (Europe)
Mystery of the Indus Valleys (Europe)
Mystery of the Nile, The (Europe)
Myth - History in the Making (Europe) (Disk 1)
Myth (Europe)
NARC (Europe)
Narco Police (Spain)
Narnia (USA)
National, The (Europe)
NATO Assault Course (Europe)
Naval Battle of Tsushima (USA) (Side A)
Navarone (Europe)
Navcom Six - The Gulf Defense (USA)
Navy Moves (Spain) (Side A)
Navy Seals (Europe)
NBA (USA) (Side A)
Necris-Dome, The (Europe)
Neighbours (Europe)
NEIL Android (Europe)
Nemesis (Europe)
Nemesis the Warlock (Europe)
Neoclyps (Europe)
Neptune's Daughters (Europe)
Nether Earth (Europe)
Netherworld (Europe)
Neuromancer (USA)
Neuronics (Germany)
Neutralizor (Europe)
Neverending Story , The (Europe)
Neverending Story II, The (Switzerland)
New York City (USA)
Newcomer (Europe) (Unl) (Disk 1 Side A)
Newzealand Story, The (Europe)
Nexus (Europe)
Nick Faldo Plays the Open (Europe)
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf (Europe)
Night Breed (Europe)
Night Mission Pinball (USA)
Night Racer (Europe)
Night Shade (Europe)
Night Shift (Europe)
Nightdawn (Europe)
Nightmare on Elm Street, A (USA) (Side A)
Nine Princes in Amber (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Ninja (Mastertronic) (Europe)
Ninja Commando (Europe)
Ninja Hamster (Europe)
Ninja Massacre (Europe)
Ninja Master, The (Europe)
Ninja Rabbits (Europe)
Ninja Scooter Simulator (Europe)
Ninja Spirit (USA)
Ninja Warriors, The (Europe)
NO - Never Outside! (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Nobby the Aardvark (Europe) (Side A)
Nodes of Yesod (Europe)
NOMAD (Europe)
Nomad of Time, The (Europe)
Nonterraqueous (Europe)
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (USA) (Side A)
North & South (France)
North Atlantic Convoy Raider (USA)
NorthStar (Europe)
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (Europe)
Not Even Human - Original Edition (Europe) (Unl)
Nova Blast (USA)
Nuclear Embargo (Europe)
Nukewar (USA)
Number Puzzler (USA)
Number Tumbler (USA)
Ocean Conqueror (Europe)
Ocean Ranger (USA) (Side A)
Octapolis (Europe)
Octoplex (Europe)
Odyssey (K-Tek + K-Tel Software, Inc.) (USA)
Official Father Christmas, The (Europe)
Ogre (USA)
Oh No! (Europe)
Oil Barons (USA) (Side A)
Oils Well (USA)
Oink! (Europe)
Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (Europe)
Olli & Lissa 3 - The Candlelight Adventure (Europe)
Ollie's Follies (USA)
Olympic Skier (Europe)
Omega - Neural Cybertank Design & Simulation (USA) (Disk 1)
Omega Race (USA)
Omni-Play Horse Racing (USA) (Side A)
On Court Tennis (USA)
On Cue (Europe)
On Field Football (USA)
On the Bench (Europe)
On the Tiles (Europe)
One Bite Too Deep (Europe)
One Man and his Droid (Europe)
One on One (USA)
Oops! (USA)
Oo-Topos (Europe)
Open Sesame (Europe)
Operation Hanoi (Europe)
Operation Market Garden (USA)
Operation Neptune (Europe)
Operation Swordfish (Europe)
Operation Thunderbolt (Europe) (Side A)
Operation Whirlwind (USA)
Operation Wolf (USA)
Oracle III (Europe) (Unl)
Orange Squash (Europe)
Orbitron (Europe)
Orc Attack (Europe)
O'Riley's Mine (USA)
Orion (Rack It) (Europe)
Orm and Cheep - Narrow Squeaks (Europe)
Orm and Cheep - The Birthday Party (Europe)
Ormus Saga, The (Europe) (Side A)
Ormus Saga, The II - Guild of Death (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Orpheus in the Underworld (Europe)
Osmium (Europe)
Osprey! (Europe)
Out Run (USA)
Out Run Europa (Europe) (Side A)
Outback (Europe)
Outlaw (Players Premier) (Europe)
Outlaws (USA)
Over the Net (Europe)
Overlander (Europe)
Overlord (Virgin Mastertronic) (Europe)
Overrun! (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) (Europe)
Oxxonian (Europe)
P-47 (Europe)
Pac-Land (Europe)
Pac-Man (USA)
Pacmania (Europe)
Pac-Mania (Europe)
Pacos Pete (USA)
Pakacuda (USA)
Pandora (Europe)
Pandora's Box (USA)
Pang (Europe)
Panic 64 (Europe)
Panic Dizzy (Europe)
Panic Planet (Europe)
Panther (Europe)
Panzer Battles (Australia)
Panzer Grenadier (USA)
Panzer Strike! (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Panzer-Jagd (USA)
Panzers East (USA)
Paperboy (Europe)
Para Academy (Europe)
Para Assault Course (Europe)
Paradroid (Europe)
Parallax (Ocean) (Europe)
Park Patrol (USA)
Passing Shot (Europe)
Pasta Blasta (Europe)
Pastfinder (USA)
Pathwords (USA)
Patience (Commodore) (USA)
Patton vs Rommel (USA)
Pawn, The (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Pay-Off, The (Europe)
PC Fuzz (Europe)
Peanut Butter Panic (USA)
Pedro (Europe)
Pegasus Bridge (Europe)
Penetrator (Europe)
Pengon (Europe)
Periscope Up (Europe)
Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Persian Gulf Inferno (Europe)
Pesky Painter (Europe)
Petch II (USA) (Unl)
Peter Beardsley's International Football (Europe)
Peter Pack Rat (Europe)
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona (Europe)
Phalsberg (USA) (Unl)
Phantasie (USA) (Side A)
Phantasie II (USA) (Side A)
Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus (USA) (Side A)
Phantom of the Asteroid (Europe)
Pharaoh's Curse (USA)
Pharaoh's Revenge (USA) (Side A)
Phase 4 (Europe)
Phase Out (USA) (Unl)
Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles (Europe)
PHM Pegasus (USA) (Side A)
Phobia (Europe) (Side A)
Pick'n'Pile (France)
Pictionary - The Game of Quick Draw (Europe)
Pigs Quest, A (Europe)
Pilot 64 (Europe)
Pinball Construction Set (USA)
Pinball Spectacular (USA)
Pinball Wizard (Europe)
Ping-Pong (Imagine + Konami) (Europe)
Pink Panther (Europe)
Pipe Dream (USA)
Pipes (USA)
Pirate Adventure (Adventure International) (USA)
Pirates! (USA)
Pitfall - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure (USA)
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (USA)
Pit-Fighter - The Ultimate Competition (Europe)
Pitstop (USA)
Pitstop II (USA)
Pixie Pete (Europe)
Planet Attack (Europe)
Planet Miners, The (USA)
Planetfall (USA) (Side A)
Plaque Man (USA)
Plasmatron (USA)
Platoon (Europe) (Side A)
Play Your Cards Right (Europe)
Playdays (Europe) (Tape 1)
Plop (Europe)
Plug-It (Europe)
Plumb Crazy! (Europe)
Plundered Hearts (USA)
Pneumatic Hammers (Europe)
Pocket Rockets (USA)
POD - Proof of Destruction (Europe)
Pogo Joe (USA)
Pogo Stick Olympics (Europe)
Pokersam (USA)
Pole Position (USA)
Pole Position II (USA)
Police Cadet (USA)
Poltergeist (Europe)
Pool of Radiance (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Pooyan (USA)
Popeye (Parker Brothers) (USA)
Popeye (Piranha + Macmillan Ltd.) (Europe)
Popeye II (Europe)
Popeye III - Wrestle Crazy (Europe)
Portal (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Poseidon - Planet Eleven (Europe)
Poster Paster (Europe)
Postman Pat (Europe)
Postman Pat II (Europe)
Postman Pat III (Europe)
Pot Panic (Europe)
Potsworth (Europe)
Potty Painter - In The Jungle (Europe)
Potty Pigeon (Europe)
Power (USA)
Power Drift (USA)
Power Pyramids (Europe)
Power Struggle (Europe)
Power, The (USA)
Powerboat Simulator (Europe)
Powerplay - The Game of the Gods (USA)
Powerplay Hockey - USA vs USSR (USA)
PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon (USA)
Predator (USA)
Predator II (Europe)
President (Europe)
President is Missing, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Presumed Guilty! (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Price is Right, The (USA) (Side A)
Prince of Persia (USA) (Unl)
Prince, The (Europe)
Prison Riot (Europe)
Pro Boxing Simulator (Europe)
Pro Golf (USA)
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (Europe)
Pro Tennis Simulator (Europe)
Pro Tennis Tour (France)
Prodigy, The (Europe)
Professional Skateboard Simulator (Europe)
Professional Ski Simulator (Europe)
Professional Snooker Simulator (Europe)
Professional Tour Golf (USA) (Side A)
Prohibition (France)
Project Firestart (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Project Space Station (USA)
Project Stealth Fighter (USA)
Protector (Mastertronic) (Europe)
Protium (Europe)
Prowler (Europe)
Psi 5 Trading Company (USA)
Psi Warrior (USA)
Psycastria (Europe)
Psycho - Arcade Quest (USA) (Side A)
Psycho Hopper (Europe)
Psycho Pigs UXB (Europe)
Psycho Soldier (Europe)
Psykozone (Europe) (Unl)
Psytron (USA)
Pub Trivia (Europe)
Puffy's Saga (France)
Pulse Warrior (Europe)
Pulsoid (Europe)
Pulz 64 (USA)
Punch and Judy (Europe)
Punchy (Europe)
Purple Turtles (Europe)
Puzzle Panic (USA)
Puzznic (Europe)
Pyjamarama! (Europe)
Pyramid, The (Fantasy Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Q10 Tankbuster (Europe)
Q-Bert (USA)
Q-Bopper (USA)
Qix (USA)
Quake Minus One (Europe)
Quango (Europe)
Quartet (USA)
Quasar (Europe)
Quasar Zone (USA)
Quasimodo (USA)
Quest for Quintana Roo (USA)
Quest for the Golden Eggcup, The (Europe)
Quest for the Holy Grail, The (Europe)
Quest of Merravid, The (Europe)
Quest of the Space Beagle, The (USA)
Quest, The (Penguin Software) (Europe)
Question of Sport, A (Europe)
Questprobe 1 - The Incredible Hulk (USA)
Questprobe 2 - Spider-Man (USA)
Questprobe 3 - The Human Torch and the Thing (USA)
Questron (USA) (Side A)
Questron II (USA) (Side A)
Quick Draw McGraw (Europe)
Quick Thinking! (Europe)
Quill, The - Adventure Writing System (Europe)
Quintic Warrior (Europe)
Quinx (Europe)
Quizam! (Europe) (Disk 1)
Quod Init Exit (Europe) (Unl)
Rabbit Pie (Europe)
Race Against Time, The (Europe)
Race, The (Europe)
Races, The - Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan (USA)
Racing Destruction Set (USA) (Side A)
Rack 'em (USA)
Rad Ramp Racer (Europe)
Rad Warrior (USA)
Radar Rat Race (USA)
Radius (Players Software) (Europe)
Raging Beast - Ole! (Europe)
Raid 2000 (Europe)
Raid on Bungeling Bay (USA)
Raid over Moscow (USA)
Railroad Works, The (USA)
Rainbow Islands (Europe)
Rainbow Walker (USA)
Rainbow Warrior (USA) (Side A)
Rally Cross (Anco) (Europe)
Rally Cross (Codemasters) (Europe)
Rally Driver (Europe)
Rally Simulator (Europe)
Rambo - First Blood Part II (Europe)
Rambo III - The Rescue (Europe)
Rampage (USA)
Rampart (Europe)
Ramparts (Europe)
Ranarama (Europe)
Ranch (USA)
Ransack (Europe)
Rapid Fire (Europe)
Rasputin (Europe)
Rastan (Europe)
Raster Runner (Europe)
Rasterscan (Europe)
Rats, The (Europe)
Rattler (Europe)
Raw Recruit (Europe)
RBI 2 Baseball (Europe)
Reach for the Stars v3.0 (Australia)
Real Ghostbusters, The (USA)
Real Stunt Experts, The (Europe)
Realm of Impossibility (USA)
Realm of the Trolls (Europe)
Realm! (Europe)
Realms of Darkness (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) (Boot)
Rebel (Europe)
Rebel Planet (Europe)
Rebels, The (Poland) (Unl)
Re-Bounder (Europe)
Reckless Rufus (Europe)
Red Alert (Europe)
Red Arrows (Europe)
Red Heat (Europe)
Red Max (Europe)
Red Moon (Europe)
Red Storm Rising (USA) (Side A)
Redhawk (Europe)
Relax (USA)
Renaissance (USA)
Rendezvous with Rama (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Renegade (Europe)
Renegade III - The Final Chapter (Europe)
Repton III (Europe)
Rescue on Fractalus! (USA)
Rescue Squad (Europe)
Rescuing Orc (Europe)
Retrograde (Europe) (Side A)
Return of the Jedi (Europe)
Return of the Space Warriors (Europe)
Return to Eden (Europe)
Return to Oz (Europe)
Revelation (Europe)
Revenge of Defender (USA)
Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Europe)
Revs (Europe)
Revs+ (Europe)
Richard Petty's Talladega (USA)
Rick Dangerous (Europe)
Rick Dangerous II (USA)
Ricochet (Europe)
Rigel's Revenge (Europe)
Rik the Roadie (Europe)
Rimrunner (Europe)
Ring of Power, The (Europe)
Rings of Medusa (Germany) (Disk 1 Side A)
Rings of Zilfin (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Ringside (USA)
Ringside Seat (USA)
Risk (Europe)
River Raid (USA)
River Rescue - Racing Against Time (Europe)
RMS Titanic (Europe)
Road Raiders (USA)
Road Roller (Europe)
Road Runner (Europe)
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (Europe)
Road Warrior (Europe)
RoadBlasters (Europe)
Roadwar 2000 (USA) (Side A)
Roadwar Europa (USA)
Roadwars (Europe)
Robbo (Poland) (Unl)
Robin Hood - Legend Quest (Europe)
Robin of Sherwood - The Touchstones of Rhiannon (USA)
Robin of the Wood (Europe)
Robin Smith's International Cricket (Europe)
Robin to the Rescue (Europe)
Robobolt (Europe)
RoboCop (Europe)
RoboCop II (Europe)
RoboCop III (Europe)
Robotron 2084 (USA)
Robots of Dawn (USA)
Robots! (Europe)
Robozone (Europe)
Rock n' Bolt (USA)
Rock Star Ate my Hamster, A (Europe)
Rocket Ball (Europe)
Rocket Ranger (USA) (Side A)
Rocket Smash EX (Europe) (Unl)
Rockford (Europe)
Rock'n Roll (Europe)
Rocky Horror Show, The (Europe)
Rocky Memphis - The Legend of Atlantis (Europe)
Rodland (USA)
Rogue (Europe)
Rogue Trooper (Europe)
Rollaround (Europe)
RollerBall (Europe)
Rollerboard (Europe)
Rollercoaster Rumbler (Europe)
Rollin (Europe)
Rolling Ronny (Europe)
Rolling Thunder (Europe)
Rolloverture (USA)
Rommel - Battles for North Africa (Australia)
Ronald Rubberduck (Europe)
Room Ten (Europe)
Roomlord (Europe)
Rouge64 (Europe)
Round the Bend! (Europe)
Rox 64 (Europe)
Roy of the Rovers (Europe)
R-Type (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Rubicon (Europe) (Side A)
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (Europe)
Rugby Boss (Europe)
Rugby League Manager (Europe)
Run the Gauntlet (Europe)
Runners - Greenrunner, Redrunner, Retroskoi+ (Europe) (Unl)
Running Man, The (Europe)
Runway 64 (USA)
Rupert and the Toymaker's Party (Europe)
Rush'n Attack (USA)
Rygar (Europe)
Sabotage (Europe)
Saboteur (Durell Software) (Europe)
Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (Europe)
Sabre Wulf (Europe)
Sailing (USA)
Saint & Greavsie (Europe)
Saint Dragon (USA)
Samantha Fox Strip Poker (Europe)
Sammy Lightfoot (USA)
Sam's Jam (Europe)
Sam's Journey (Disk 1 Side A)
Samurai Trilogy (Europe) (Side A)
Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo (Europe)
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (USA)
Santa's Christmas Capers (Europe)
Sanxion (Europe)
Saracen (USA)
Sarakon (Germany)
SAS Combat Simulator (Europe)
Satan (Spain)
Satan's Hollow (USA)
Savage (Europe)
Savage Pond (Europe)
Save New York (USA)
Scapeghost - Graphic (Europe) (Side A)
Scare Bear (Europe)
Scary Monsters (Europe)
Sceptre of Baghdad (Europe) (Unl)
School Bus Driver (USA)
Scooby and Scrappy Doo (Europe)
Scooby Doo (Europe)
Scooby Doo (USA) (Disk 1)
Scorpion (Europe)
Scorpius (Europe)
Scout (Europe)
Scrabble De Luxe (Europe)
Scramble Spirits (Europe)
Scrolls of Abadon, The (USA)
Scruples (Europe)
Scuba Dive (Europe)
Scuba Kidz (Europe)
Scumball (Europe)
SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative (USA)
Sea Wolf (USA)
Seabase Delta (Europe)
Seafox (USA)
Seahorses (USA)
Search for King Solomon's Mines, The (USA)
Search for the Titanic (USA) (Side A)
Seaside Special (Europe)
Seawar (Netherlands)
Secret of Bastow Manor, The (USA)
Secret of Kandar (Europe)
Secret of the Silver Blades (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Sector 90 (Europe)
Security Alert (USA) (Side A)
Seesaw (Europe)
Se-Kaa of Assiah (Europe)
Sentinel (Synapse Software) (USA)
Sentinel Worlds I - Future Magic (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Sentry, The (Europe)
Sergeant Seymour - Robotcop (Europe)
Serpentine (USA)
Serve & Volley (USA)
Sesame Street - Pals Around Town (USA)
SEUCK - Shoot 'Em-Up Construction Kit (Europe) (Side A)
Seven Cities of Gold (USA) (Side A)
Seymour at the Movies (Europe)
Sgt Slaughters Mat Wars (USA)
Shackled (Europe)
Shades (Europe)
Shadow Dancer (Europe)
Shadow of the Beast (USA) (Side A)
Shadow Skimmer (Europe)
Shadow Warriors (Europe)
Shadowfire (USA)
Shadowgate (USA)
Shadows of Mordor, The (Europe)
Shamus (USA)
Shamus Case II (USA)
Shanghai (USA)
Shanghai Karate (Europe)
Shanghai Warriors (Europe)
Shao-Lin's Road (Europe)
Shard of Inovar (Europe)
Shard of Spring, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Shark (Europe)
Sheepoid (Europe) (Unl)
Sheepoid DX (Europe) (Unl)
Sherlock - The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (USA) (Side A)
Sherlock Holmes (Europe)
Sherlock Holmes Returns (USA)
Shiloh - Grant's Trial in the West (USA) (Side A)
Shinobi (Europe)
Ship of Doom (Europe)
Ship of the Line (Europe)
Shirley Muldowney's Top Fuel Challenge (USA)
Shockway Rider (Europe) (Unl)
Shogun (Europe)
Shoot Out (Europe)
Shoot the Rapids (Europe)
Shootout at the OK Galaxy (USA)
Short Circuit (Europe)
Shuffler (Europe)
Sidewalk (France)
SideWinder II (Europe)
Sidewize (Europe)
Sigma 7 (Europe)
Silent Service (USA)
Silicon Dreams (Europe)
Silicon Warrior (USA)
Silkworm (Europe)
Sim City (France)
Simpsons Arcade Game, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (Europe)
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (USA) (Side A)
Siren City (Europe)
Sixgun Shootout (USA)
Skariten (USA) (Side A)
Skate Crazy (Europe) (Side A)
Skate or Die! (USA) (Side A)
Skateball (France)
SkateRock (Europe)
Skatin' USA (Europe)
Skel (Europe)
Ski or Die (USA) (Side A)
Skool Daze (Europe)
Skramble (Anirog Software) (Europe)
Skull and Crossbones (Europe)
Sky High Stuntman (Europe)
Sky Runner (Europe)
Sky Shark (USA)
Sky Twice (Sweden)
Skyfox (USA)
Skyfox II - The Cygnus Conflict (USA) (Side A)
Skyjet (Europe)
Skyline Attack (Europe)
Slaine (USA)
Slamball (USA)
Slam-Dunk (Europe)
Slapshot (USA)
Slayer (Europe)
Sleepwalker (Ocean) (Europe) (Side A)
Slicker Puzzle (Europe)
Slicks (Europe)
Slightly Magic (Europe)
Slimey's Mine (Europe)
Slinky (USA)
Slot Car Racer (Europe)
Slugger, The (Europe)
Slurpy (Europe)
Sly Spy Secret Agent (USA) (Side A)
Smash TV (Europe)
SMASHED - The Strangest Mobile Army Surgical Hospital East of Detroit (Europe)
Snaffle (Europe)
Snake Byte (USA)
Snake-Pit (Europe)
Snakman (USA)
Snare (Thalamus) (Europe)
Snoball in Hell (Europe)
Snooker (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Snoopy (Netherlands)
Snow Queen, The (Europe)
Snow Strike (USA)
Snowman, The (Europe)
Soccer Challenge (Europe)
Soccer Director (USA)
Soccer Pinball (Europe)
Soccer Star (Europe)
Software Star (Europe)
Soko-Ban (USA) (Side A)
Solar Fox (USA)
Solar Star (USA)
Soldier of Fortune (Firebird) (Europe)
Soldier of Light (Europe)
Soldier One (Sweden)
Solo Flight - 2nd Edition (USA)
Solo Flight (USA)
Solomon's Key (Europe)
Son of Blagger (Europe)
Sonic Boom (USA)
Sonic The Hedgehog (Europe)
Sons of Liberty (USA) (Side A)
Sooper Froot (USA)
Sooty and Sweep (Europe)
Sorcerer Lord (Europe)
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The (USA)
Sorcery (Europe)
SOS - The Game with no Name (Europe)
Soulless (Europe) (Unl)
Souls of Darkon (Europe)
Southern Belle (Europe)
Space Academy (Europe)
Space Crusade (Europe)
Space Doubt (Europe)
Space Gun (Europe)
Space Harrier (USA)
Space Harrier II (Europe)
Space Hunter (Europe)
Space Racer (France)
Space Rider (Europe)
Space Rogue (USA) (Side A)
Space Station Oblivion (USA)
Space Taxi (Europe)
Space Tunnel (Europe)
Space Walk (Mastertronic) (Europe)
Spacebike (Europe)
Space-Pilot (Europe)
Space-Pilot II (Europe)
Spaghetti Western Simulator (Europe)
Spare Change (USA)
Spartacus - The Swordslayer (Europe)
Special Operations (Europe)
Spectipede (Europe)
Speed - Bingo Math (USA)
Speed Buggy (USA)
Speed King (Europe)
Speed Zone (Europe)
Speedball (Europe)
Speedball II (Europe)
Spell of Destruction (USA)
Spellbound (MAD) (Europe)
Spellbound Dizzy (Europe)
Spellseeker (Europe)
Spelunker (USA)
Spherical (Europe)
Spiderbot (USA)
Spikey in Transylvania (Europe)
Spiky Harold (Europe)
Spindizzy (USA)
Spirit of Adventure (USA) (Unl) (Disk 1 Side A)
Spitball (USA)
Spitfire (Europe)
Spitfire '40 (Europe)
Spitfire Ace (MicroProse Software) (USA)
Splat! (Europe)
Split Personalities (Europe)
Spooks (Europe)
Spooky Castle (Europe)
Spore (Europe)
Sport of Kings (Europe)
Sporting News Baseball, The (USA)
Sports-a-Roni (Europe) (Side A)
Spot (Europe)
Spriteman 64 (Europe)
Spy Hunter (USA)
Spy Trek (USA)
Spy vs Spy (USA)
Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper (USA)
Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics (USA)
Spy Who Loved Me, The (Europe)
Spy's Adventures in North America, The (Europe)
Spy's Demise (Europe)
Sqij! (Europe)
Squirm (Europe)
Staff of Karnath, The (USA)
Stairways (Europe)
Standing Stones, The (USA) (Side A)
Star Battles (Europe)
Star Command (Europe)
Star Commando (Europe)
Star Control (USA)
Star Crash (Europe)
Star Empire (USA)
Star League Baseball (USA)
Star Maze (USA)
Star Paws (Europe)
Star Post (USA)
Star Raiders II (Europe)
Star Ranger (USA)
Star Rank Boxing (USA)
Star Rank Boxing II (USA)
Star Soldier (Europe)
Star Trader (Europe)
Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (USA)
Star Trek - The Rebel Universe (Europe)
Star Trek (Interceptor Software) (Europe)
Star Trooper (Europe)
Star Wars (USA)
Starcross (USA)
Stareggs (Germany)
Starfire (USA)
Starflight (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Starforce Fighter (Europe)
Starglider (Europe)
Starion (Europe)
Star-Lifter (Europe)
Starquake (Europe)
StarTrash (Europe)
Star-Wreck (Europe)
Stationfall (USA)
Stealth (USA)
Stealth Mission (USA)
Steel (Europe)
Steel Eagle (Europe)
Steel Ranger (Europe)
Steel Thunder (USA)
Steg the Slug (Europe)
Steigar (Europe)
Stellar 7 (Europe)
Stellar Triumph (Europe)
Stellar Wars (USA)
Steve Davis Snooker (Europe)
Stickybear ABC, The (USA)
Stickybear Math (USA)
Stickybear Math II (USA)
Stickybear Numbers (USA)
Stickybear Reading (USA)
Stickybear Reading Comprehension (USA)
Stickybear Town Builder (USA)
Stifflip & Co. (Europe)
Sting 64 (Europe)
Stir Crazy featuring BoBo (France)
Stix (Europe)
Stock Car (Europe)
Stocker (USA)
Stoneville Manor (USA)
Stop the Express (USA)
STORM (Europe)
Storm Across Europe (USA)
Storm Warrior (Elite+Encore) (Europe)
Storm Warrior (Front Runner) (Europe)
Stormbringer (Europe)
Stormlord (Europe)
Story Machine (USA)
Stranded (Cronosoft) (Europe) (Unl)
Stranded (English Software) (Europe)
Strangeloop (Europe)
Street Beat (Europe)
Street Cred Boxing (Europe)
Street Cred Football (Europe)
Street Fighter (USA)
Street Fighter II (Europe)
Street Gang (Europe)
Street Rod (USA) (Side A)
Street Sports Baseball (USA)
Street Sports Basketball (USA)
Street Sports Football (USA) (Side A)
Street Sports Soccer (USA)
Street Surfer (Europe)
Street Warriors (Europe)
Strider (Europe)
Strider II (Europe)
Strike Aces (USA)
Strike Fleet (USA) (Side A)
Strike Force (Europe)
Strike Force Cobra (Europe)
Strike! (Europe)
Strontium Dog and the Death Gauntlet (Europe)
STUN Runner (Europe)
Stunt Bike Simulator (Europe)
Stunt Flyer (USA)
Stunt Track Racer (USA)
Stuntman Seymour (Europe)
Sub Battle Simulator (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Sub Hunt 64 (Europe)
Sub Hunter (Europe) (Unl)
Subbuteo (Europe)
Subsunk (Europe)
Suburban Commando (Europe)
Subway Vigilante (Europe)
Suicide Express (Europe)
Suicide Strike (USA)
Sum Ducks (USA)
Summer Camp (Europe)
Summer Challenge (Europe) (Side A)
Summer Games (USA) (Side A)
Summer Games II (USA) (Side A)
Sun Star (Europe)
Super Blitz (USA)
Super Bowl Sunday (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Super Bowl XX (Europe)
Super Bread Box (Europe) (Unl)
Super Bunny (USA)
Super Cars (Europe)
Super Cup Football (Europe)
Super Cycle (USA)
Super Dogfight (Europe)
Super Dragon Slayer (Europe)
Super G-Man (Europe)
Super Gran (Europe)
Super Hang-On (Europe)
Super Huey (USA)
Super Huey II (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Super League (Europe)
Super Mario Bros (Europe)
Super Monaco Grand Prix (Europe)
Super Oswald (USA) (Unl)
Super Pac Man (USA)
Super Password (USA) (Side A)
Super Pipeline (Europe)
Super Pipeline II (Europe)
Super Rider (Europe)
Super Robin Hood (Europe)
Super Scramble Simulator (Europe)
Super Seymour (Europe)
Super Skramble! (Europe)
Super Smash (USA)
Super Space Invaders (Europe)
Super Sprint (Europe)
Super Spy (Europe)
Super Stunt Man (Europe)
Super Trolley (Europe)
Super Zaxxon (HesWare) (USA)
Super Zaxxon (US Gold+SEGA) (Europe)
Superbike Challenge (USA)
Superhero (Europe)
Superkid (Europe)
Superkid in Space (Europe)
Superleague Soccer (Europe)
Superman - Man of Steel (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Superman - The Game (USA)
Supersports (Europe)
Superstar Ice Hockey (USA)
Superstar Ping-Pong (Europe)
SuperTed - The Search for Spot (Europe)
SuperTed (Europe)
Supertrux (Europe)
Surfchamp (Europe)
Survivors, The (Europe)
Suspect (USA)
Suspended (USA)
SWAG (Europe)
Swamp Attack (USA)
Swap (Europe)
SWAT (Europe)
Sweep (Europe)
Swiss Family Robinson (USA)
Switchblade (Europe)
Swoop (Europe)
Sword and the Rose, The (Europe)
Sword of Fargoal, The (USA)
Sword of Honour (Europe) (Disk 1 Side A)
Sword of Kadash (Europe) (Side A)
Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe (Europe)
TAC - Tactical Armor Command (USA)
Tai-Pan (Europe) (Side A)
Take Down (USA) (Side A)
Tales of the Arabian Nights (Europe)
Tales of the Cat (Europe)
Tamer (Poland) (Unl)
Tangent (Europe)
Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizard's Apprentice (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Tanium - Warhawk II (Europe)
Tank (Ocean) (Europe)
Tank Atak (Europe)
Tankattack (Europe)
Tanks (RadarSoft) (Netherlands)
Tapper (USA)
Target Renegade (Europe)
Tarzan (Europe)
Tarzan Goes Ape! (Europe)
Task III (Europe)
Taskforce (Europe)
Tass Times in Tonetown (USA) (Side A)
Tau Ceti (Europe)
Tazz (Europe)
T-Bird (Europe)
TechnoCop (Europe)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Game (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Telengard (USA)
Temple of Apshai Trilogy (USA)
Temple of Apshai, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Temple of Terror (Europe)
Ten Speed (Europe)
Terminator II - Judgment Day (Europe) (Side A)
Terra Cognita (Europe)
Terra Cresta (Europe)
Terror of the Deep (Europe)
Terrormolinos (Europe)
Terry's Big Adventure (Europe)
Test Drive (USA)
Tether Terrain (USA)
Tetris (Mirrorsoft Ltd.) (Europe)
Thanatos (Europe)
Theatre Europe (Europe)
They $tole a Million (Europe)
Thing on a Spring (Europe)
Thomas the Tank Engine (Europe)
Three Stooges , The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A)
Threshold (USA)
Through the Trapdoor (Europe)
Thrust (Europe)
Thrust II (Europe)
Thud Ridge - American Aces in 'Nam (USA)
Thunder Force (Europe)
Thunder Jaws (Europe)
Thunderbirds (Firebird) (Europe)
Thunderbirds (Grandslam Entertainment Ltd.) (Europe)
ThunderBlade (USA)
ThunderBolt (Europe)
ThunderCats - The Lost Eye of Thundera (Europe)
Thunderchopper (USA)
Thundercross (Europe)
Ticket to Hollywood (USA) (Side A)
Tiger Mission (USA)
Tiger Road (USA)
Tilt (Codemasters) (Europe)
Time and Magik - Graphic Version (Europe) (Side A)
Time and Magik - Text Version (Europe)
Time Fighter (Europe)
Time Machine (USA)
Time Scanner (USA)
Time Traveller (Audiogenic Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Time Traveller (Mindscape) (Europe)
Time Tunnel (Europe)
Times of Lore (USA)
Tink! Tonk! - Tinka's Mazes (USA) (Side A)
Tink! Tonk! - Tink's Adventure (USA)
Tink! Tonk! - Tuk Goes to Town (USA)
Tintin on the Moon (France)
Tir Na Nog (Europe)
Titan (Europe)
Titanic (Europe)
Titanic Blinky (Europe)
Titans (Europe)
TLL - Tornado Low Level (Europe)
To Be on Top (Europe)
To Hell and Back (Europe)
Toadforce (Europe)
Tobruk - The Clash of Armour (Europe)
Token of Ghall, The (Europe)
Toki (Europe)
Tolteka (Europe)
Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low (Europe)
Tom & Jerry II (Europe)
Tom (Europe)
Tomahawk (Europe)
Tombs of Xeiops (Europe)
Tomcat (Europe)
Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball (USA) (Side A)
Toobin' (Europe)